Captosoft Digital Solutions

AI Strategy

Define AI strategy & architecture, prioritize & start executing on the right use cases. Kickstart and accelerate clients' transformation for maximum business impact with PerformAI.

- Applied AI

- Speed to value at Scale

- AI Echosystem

- Trusted AI

AI Solutions

AI first solutions and platform for disruptive business models & new market growth. Business model innovation and new market opportunities with AI first products, services & client experiences.

- AI-First strategy

- New products & services

- New business models

- Innovative culture

AI Transform

Build and manage AI driven solutions to augment, assist or automate existing operations. AI solutions supporting intelligent process automation and intelligent apps to unlock business impact from current operations.

- Automation

- Augmentation

- Acceleration

- Assistance

New Data Landscape

Rapid migration to a cloud-native or on-premise next-gen data foundation. Innovative data landscape simplification for business transformation. 

- Reduced cost of ownership

- Renewed landscape

- Improved automation

- Best fit commercials

BI Modernization

Industry data models, agile tools and advanced visualization for next-gen BI. The full advantage of cloud, open source technologies, advanced visualization tools, automation & self-service platforms.

- Cost reduction

- Agility & Speed

- Business impact

- Simplification