Captosoft Digital Solutions

Master Data Management

Master data solutions for a full grip on key data assets, securing operational efficiency.  Optimize business to consumer interactions and increase productivity by providing all customer touch points.

- Effective data analysis

- Improved data insights

- Single organizational view

- Improved business efficiency

Data Management

Managing metadata, data optimization, data rationalization for robust data foundation. Ensure high value for organization data assets which will build the connection between you and customer.

- Regulatory compliance

- Streamlined process

- Monitored information flow

- Impact analysis

Data Quality

Cost-effective, yet completely customizable  Data Quality as-a-service framework.

- Reduce TCO

- Speed to market

- More flexibility

- Commercial viability

Data Discovery

Solution to discover and protect sensitive information. Privacy regulatory compliance using automated Data Discovery, Data Lineage and Data Protection programs.

- Discover

- Document

- Develop

- Drive

Data Insights Platform

Pivot to self-service direct business-enabled insight platform services. Accelerated time to value through a collaborative and business focused offering.

- Speed to market

- Serf Service

- Cost reduction

- Industrialization

Data Anonymization

Metadata driven approach to persistent data masking dynamics and principles. Provide complete, good quality and secure copy of production database for development and testing environments.

- Cost efficiency

- Automation

- Risk minimization

- Continuous improvement

Information Governance

Information & Active Data Governance, building on client maturity and dynamics. Quick start with a pragmatic, business benefits-oriented framework developed from hundreds of IG programs.

- Data Ownership

- Risk management

- Decision making

- Actionable insights

Data Science

An enterprise scale blueprint for the data-to-insights lifecycle capabilities. Transformation at any stage of analytics maturity from basic BI infrastructure to advanced data science.

- Scalability

- Speed

- Agility

- Robustness