Captosoft Digital Solutions

Sector Insights

A sector specific insights catalog to change the business and create real value. A rich library of Industry specific ready to deploy solutions.

- Rich solution catalog

- Tangible business impact

- Deep industry expertise

- End-to-end capabilities

Manufacturing Intelligence

AI based Digital Manufacturing platform to achieve Smart factory vision. Actionable insights Transform Isolated Shop floor fixes to Responsive Manufacturing.

- Improve productivity

- Reduce maintenance cost

- Enhance sourcing effectiveness

- Increase sustainability & compliance

Knowledge Insights Services

Maximizing productivity through a knowledge engineering approach. Advanced cognitive solution for knowledge engineering to enhance employee productivity. 

- Performance

- Lifecycle

- Self-service

- Satisfaction

People & Talent Insights

Analytics solutions for actionable business insights in Human Resource Management. Addressing all HR processes; from hiring to people development, retention, administration and compliance. 

- Recruitment

- Training

- Workforce management

- HR Administration

Customer Value Insights

Improving value creation through global in-business Analytics & AI services at scale. Enabling democratization of marketing analytics to improve brand value & consumer connect in a scalable  & efficient way.

- Revenue growth

- Customer value

- Offer recommendation

- Customer retention