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Captosoft is Insights & AI driven company, focused on solving complex data issues. With an unparalleled understanding of data engineering we’re developing the next generation  cloud based artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions. We are a young team comprising of people from the fields of data management, data science, data visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

We are all on a mission to really empower the business users with: fastest ways to access information and easiest ways to comprehend it. We take a radically different approach when it comes to data driven decision making. Our approach has always been to model or simulate the end result of how our data solutions would make life better for clients. It typically entails crystallizing the business benefits & more importantly the ease with which such data solutions would be embedded into our client’s domain; then comes the technology and competencies. 

Captosoft is aiming to deliver world class solutions in digital transformation, data engineering, analytics, compliance and artificial intelligence. We empower enterprises through intelligent, creative and insightful services.


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